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**NEW** printed canvas covered albums hit the store!

After months of thinking about it, and endless weeks of sourcing, working out the technicalities and producing pieces for a few brave people who agreed (for a discounted price) to be guinea pigs – my bespoke canvas covered album are now available to order.

As with most of my products, they came about from an enquiry from a client for a scrapbook album cover that would have a Word Art on the front. I had seen canvas printed photographic albums but nothing for scrapbookers, and I had played around with the idea of a photograph with a few personalisations but hadn’t considered a full blown Word Art.

The Word Art, it turned out, was the easy bit – relatively speaking; the difficulty would be in getting a print that could withstand being glued to hard board, maintain its colour and shape and endure everyday wear and tear. Then there was the adhesive … hmmm, wasn’t that a fun (and expensive trial!)

But I ploughed through the tantrums and strops and finally got it to work.

Here is my first album, a vintage style cover in greens and blues was the remit, along with a photo and a Word Art – so very pleased with how it turned out ….

Front view showing banana paper lining the inside

Personalised canvas album by The Scrapbooker

I love how the shadows make the Word Art panel look like it’s stuck on top of the album

Personalised canvas album by The Scrapbooker 3

View of the spine which can be printed to match the front (and back) covers.

Personalised canvas album by The Scrapbooker 2

The artwork prior to printing…

Bespoke canvas covered album cover by The Scrapbooker

and the testimonial received from my client – such a huge relief!

Testimonial for bespoke printed canvas covered scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker

If you are interested in having a unique printed canvas covered album, they are now available to buy in my shop. Alternatively, drop me a line to discuss your requirements.

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Kilimanjaro Keepsake

My younger sister, Samantha, and her husband do an incredible amount of work for Samaritan’s Purse – a charity dedicated to providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Not only do they collect and deliver shoeboxes overseas, they respond in a distinctly Christian way to issues facing people in the places where they work (issues like water and sanitation, HIV and AIDS,  sustainable livelihoods along with disasters and emergencies) and they also get involved with fundraising.

Samantha, by her own admission, had been considering a life challenge for some time:

 “I have felt the urge to undertake a life challenge for some time now
whilst being certain that I did not want the  results and outcome to be purely
for my own benefit. 
So – when the ConquerKili invite came round I had absolutely no hesitation in responding immediately – timing, level of challenge,
cause and “calling” all slotted into place.”

Along with Eddie Taylor, Lynne Dejoodt, Beth Short and Rachel Harris, she started to train for the 6 day, 21 mile hike. On 4th October they arrived in Nairobi, visiting the slums in Kibera, where the funds raised will be used to help educate people about running their own small buinesses so they become self sufficient.

Melons ‘street’, Kibera Slums, Nairobi

Then began the climb  – it was, as Sam said, ‘the hardest thing I have ever done” bar none.  You can read about the intrepid 5 and their hike up Kilimanjaro on the Samaritan’s Purse website.

 Sam (in the pink hat) and her fellow hikers.

After nearly 10 days away it was an enormous relief to have her home. Her husband, Paul to celebrate the success of the climb and her safe return organised a surprise party, inviting close friends and family. It was a lovely idea and I wanted to give her something memorable and personal as a way of congratulations on her achievement. After about half an hour, it suddenly dawned on me … a personal WordArt! Now, I have done Wordarts for all sorts of occasions but never for something like this. I set to work and produced this about an hour or so later …

I was chuffed with the result and Sam was delighted with it. There will be times when she will reflect on her trip for many, many years to come – I hope this will serve as a gentle reminder when the old grey matter sets in. In the meantime, I hope she hangs this somewhere where all the visitors to her house can see it and remark on her amazing achievement.

If you would like to donate money to the Samaritan’s Purse and the team that climbed Kilimanjaro, click HERE. All money donated is most gratefully received and goes to an amazing cause.

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Pretty Princess Wordart

Following on from yesterday’s post about Christmas gifts this year, here’s another typographical Wordart print I designed for one very special princess!

Pretty tones of pink and green form the basis of this very pretty Princess Wordart design – it fits a standard Ribba Ikea frame, which is a bonus – spend the money on the design work not the frame; it is now available in our Shop in white and with a rose-pink background (but we can do pretty much any colour background you want tho’!)

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Portrait typography

Christmas is always a great time of year for me to experiment with new ideas. Stuff that has been rolling around in my heads for weeks, even months, gets a trial run – some ideas never make it off the sketch book but others just seem to take off.

Take this one, for example …

A rather neat piece of portrait typography. I knew that the recipient was a huge fan of Murdoc (The Gorillaz) so took the opportunity to base his Christmas present on an image of Murdoc and a few words supplied by his Mum.

By all accounts it went down a storm (and I got to experiment for a new product range.)

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