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“Marry Me?” Of course she said ‘YES!”

I have had the pleasure over the years to be privy to some pretty wonderful moments in my clients lives. A few of my male clients have been incredibly romantic and proposed to their girlfriends in the sweetest way  – with an album of their lives so far.

Of course, I am more than happy to craft these albums  – simply and elegantly designed to highlight their journey ….

This is a story

their meeting

then they met

and subsequent lives thereafter

Lives together

the proposal

Marry Me album 4 @ The Scrapbooker


The wedding day venue (added in later)

Wedding date set

Wedding date set

and space for a photo from the day (also added in later)

Marry Me package by The Scrapbooker

and many, many pages in between!

The albums always go down a storm and my clients are really cool and always let me know how it all unfolded …

Testimonial fo Marry Me package by The Scrapbooker

If you are looking for an original way to propose to your partner, this album is the most romantic, perfect way to do it. Check out the Marry Me package in my shop, or contact me directly to have a discreet chat about how you can build a wonderful album to propose to your loved one.

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New bespoke scrapbook services

I am constantly surprised by how products emerge, develop and take on an identity of their own – all driven by my lovely clients. Each one seems to take a product I currently offer and tailor it to their individual needs and so create different bi-products (if that is the correct term!) and I absolutely love this!

In the Autumn of last year I was approached by a wonderful young man who wanted to use a handmade scrapbook album as a ‘tool’ to propose to his childhood sweetheart – the last page being a photo of a ring box. This request was met with much ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ in the shop as we told clients and family and friends – what an utterly romantic idea … it simply warmed our hearts.

marriage proposal page- marry me scrapbook package


I was delighted to be asked to work on this, it was a new area for me to get involved in but made perfect sense. The client was over the moon when he received the album:

Testimonial at The Scrapbooker

Thinking no more of it, Christmas came and went and life for us here at the shop went on.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, another 2 enquiries for exactly the same thing came in. I was baffled – I hadn’t posted anything about the album I had crafted in December at all and there was no reference to it anywhere on the website – in fact I was really conscious about keeping it well under wraps until after Christmas so as not to give ANYTHING away.

I am currently midway through the new orders but it got me thinking today that there are a few romantic men out there looking for original and unique ways to propose to their loved ones and I should consider developing this into a package. In fact, seeing as we are DEEP into a recession and pennies are rather tight for everyone, developing a few packages across different categories and price brackets is probably a good idea too.

So, a morning’s work later, here they are – the first packages. The ‘Marry Me!‘ is pretty self explanatory, then there’s the ‘Birthday/Anniversary package‘ (I have crafted quite a few of these for clients but never though to develop them further – what have I been doing?!!) and the ‘Design Your Own‘ – for those who want to decorate but not build.

New Scrapbooker Service packages

All, in my mind, represent excellent choice and value across the range, and I’m already thinking about other packages to include.

If you are interested in any of these packages, see them in my shop or contact me for further details.

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Group Gifting @ The Scrapbooker

Group Gifting is a new way to buy larger, more expensive gifts for family, friends and colleagues that would otherwise be out of reach to anyone looking to buy them on their own. Group gifting allows friends and family to contribute to gifts and also eliminates the dilemma of choosing a gift for someone who has everything.

“It’s the thought that counts, but it’s the gift they’ll remember.”

We’ve all struggled over what to get Mum and Dad for their Wedding Anniversary, a friend at work on their retirement, a couple on their wedding day or a daughter on her coming of age. Buying something on our own that is special, personalised, meaningful and within budget is incredibly difficult. Our bespoke scrapbook albums and personalised PhotoArt pieces are the perfect gifts but can be costly for an individual to buy on their own. Group Gifting allows family and friends to come together and contribute to the cost of the album or PhotoArt as a group, each enjoying the benefits of giving a meaningful gift without fronting the entire cost.

Our bespoke scrapbook albums make perfect gifts for anyone retiring. Rather than the usual whip-round for that ubiquitous engraved tankard or clock, why not Group Gift a beautiful scrapbook album or photo book of photographs, accomplishments and memories instead. We created a beautiful digital scrapbook for Sir Al Aynsley Green on his retirement as England’s First Commissioner. It is filled with photographs, testimonials and memories. 11Million, who commissioned the album, were delighted.

Our digital Scrapbook albums offer a modern, clean alternative to the traditional scrapbook album and are perfect for young, dynamic people like Jake Nicholls. He was gifted a digital coffee table scrapbook to commemorate his career as a Motocross rider from the age of 5 through to adulthood. He carries a copy with him at all times but we made sure that his Mom had a copy too!

Our Group Gifting service will, hopefully, be available in our shop in the New Year but in the meantime, please contact me if you are interested in receiving further information.

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Storybook Wedding album – testimonial

As part of my photographic business I sometimes get asked to design wedding albums using photographs provided by another photographer. I was recently asked to do just this for a client in Brookline, Massachusetts. After a few days editing and cleaning up the photos, designing the layout, printing and placing the prints into a gorgeous Mario Acerboni album, I packed it off Express Delivery to America and breathed a sigh of relief when it finally arrived 7 days later (proving that shipping to the States can sometimes be problematic).


You can imagine how delighted I was to receive this pretty little card a few days later thanking me for the album. It’s a simple but thoughtful gesture that reminds me how important my work is to my clients and how lucky I am to do the job I do!

Read the testimonial 

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Scrapbooking: Digital Papers

A collection of Digital Papers and Paper Kits for digital, hybrid and traditional scrapbooking.

If you see something you like, click on the link to take you to my Digi Boutique where you can purchase these products as .zip downloads (can be used instantly, so not waiting for the postman!)



Banyan Tree Mini Kit

MK0109 Banyan Tree Mini Kit

A great little mini kit with strong, vibrant colours,
unusual textures and the prettiest flowers.

Pack contains
5 Patterned Papers
    5 co-ordinating solids    3 12″ zig-zag stitch lines
3 Orchids with/without drop shadows
    2 Hand painted lillies     3 Brads
1 Pearl button
    Set of monthly date tags


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Winter Wonderland Mini Kit


This wonderfully wintery mini kit is perfect for all
your snowy and frosty photos

Pack Contains
5 Patterned papers
    5 co-ordinating solids    2 co-ordinating
12″ ribbons    3 co-ordinating folded ribbons    3 flower crystals
3 round crystals
    3 raffia photo wraps


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Berry Rosey Paper Pack


One of my favorite paper packs – richly textured with the softest rose pattern and grunge edges. Perfect for weddings, love, minimilist and classic layouts.

Colours Include:
Red, Burgundy, Light grey, brown and light brown


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Northern Soul Mini Kit


Clean, retro and modern graphic patterns with co-ordinating ribbons and embellishments

Pack contains:
4 – 12″ x 12″ retro inspired patterned papers    4 – 12″ x 12″ kraft paper solids
6 – 12″ long flat textured co-ordinating ribbons
    6 – cut and folded textured ribbons
5 – painted wooden square brads
    2 – patterned die cut panels


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Little Black Book Paper Pack


Who says black is boring? Black and white papers with unique, fresh white
patterns and cool textures.

Pack contains:
8 – 12 x 12 papers of 300 dpi quality
Patterns include: tracks, fleurs, bling, black velvet, studded, retro, spiro and bamboo


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