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Oh-so modern hybrid scrapbooking

If you use your computer to add elements to your scrapbook pages, this is known as Hybrid Scrapbooking. It allows far more flexibility for text, titles and photos and is oh-so thoroughly modern. 

This ‘3 Queens’ layout  for a lovely client in Switzerland, is a classic example of a vintage style layout with a modern hybrid twist.

Hybrid scrapbooking @ The Scrapbooker

As the letter was very long and too big for the page, I retyped it and tucked the folded original into a pocket on the front. It keeps it safe for the recipient to read whenever they chose.

SCRAPBOOKING TIP: If I have a lot of text to get on a page and no room for paragraphs, I use decorative motifs (like the stars here) in a complimentary colour to indicate the paragraph breaks in the letter. 

I also always use a decorative script font in a complimentary colour for the introduction and the signature; it isn’t the contributors hand writing but it helps to give that impression.

Hybrid scrapbooking @ The Scrapbooker

Converted BW photo sits behind a die cut & embossed frame.

Hybrid scrapbooking @ The Scrapbooker

Decorative script font contrasts against the plain (50’s style) text body font

Hybrid scrapbooking @ The Scrapbooker

The original letter tucked inside a hand made pocket. The pocket also offers space and opportunity for a design element too – here a number 3 (part of the title) is placed on top of a vintage lace circle.

So cool.

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Beautiful renovated furniture at Cherry Tree Interiors

When me and the girls at Cherry Tree Interiors were considering the interior of the new shop, the subject of renovated furniture came up.

Now, we’re no strangers to sourcing and renovating furniture, it’s kinda been a hobby of ours for some time. I remember my husband’s amazement as I spent 3 days in our back garden donning goggles, dungarees and heavy duty gloves to strip back beautiful pine furniture we’d been gifted by my parents. We appreciate good furniture and just because it’s been coated in heavy varnish or painted in a purple gloss paint doesn’t mean we can’t see the potential.

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures of the furniture we renovate and sell in the shop but every time I go to photograph it, it sells – such is the demand. So, with this in mind, having JUST put the glass knobs on the doors of a pretty sideboard, I thought I’d take the opportunity and grab some pictures.

This pretty teak sideboard is from the 1970’s. Originally varnished, it has been lovingly stripped and painted in a soft chalk white paint. We then hand cut flowers, bird cages and birds from wallpaper by Dutch Company PIP Studios and adhered them to the board to create a pretty collage.

It has been finished with a coat of clear varnish and lined with the PIP wallpaper from which the flowers have been cut. It is a beautiful piece and would be perfect for any shabby chic setting, little girls (or big girl’s room) or on it’s own in a hallway. It’s already getting a lot of attention in the shop.


Width: 125cm          Depth: 42cm          Height: 67cm

If you are interested in purchasing this lovely piece of gorgeousness (and who wouldn’t) and want to beat the crowds, call us on 0121 420 4333 or shoot over to our online shop!

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The Scrapbooker loves …. handmade paper

Anyone who knows me, knows I just LOVE paper – patterned, plain, handmade, printed – even wallpaper and brown paper. I own tons of it too – so much so that there’s a standing joke, if there was ever a fire in our house, it would light up like a christmas tree and burn quicker than a firework!

As I was going through my handmade papers today searching for an appropriate paper for a client’s bespoke scrapbook album, I got to thinking about why it appeals to me so much.

I came across these beauties …

Ultra thick handmade Indian cotton papers saturated with water based dyes to achieve super vivid colours, all embellished with gold, silver and glitter. Totally scrummy.

Then there were these …

More thick handmade Indian papers with rough edges, heavily ridged vintage travel papers, delicate chinese handmade papers and beautiful Orla Kiely printed papers.

And these …

romantic, textured and oh so pretty

vintage, textured and printed

textured, printed Tour de Paris

textured and printed vintage US and British postcards and stamps

and beautiful painted butterflies.

Then I realised – I just love working with it.

I love the texture, the colour in blanket or patterned form, the grain, the sheen and light that bounces off it, the textures that are created by adding ripples, ridges and embossed patterns, the overlaid glitter and gold and the subtle effects created with pattern and paint, and the stories it portrays in its imagery –  I love it all.

It was then I decided – when I die, sod the red velvet fabric lining my coffin – line it with jewelled coloured decorative handmade paper … and I will rest a happy bunny.

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Twitter me …That was quick!

I was sat browsing my Twitter feed one night last week (as you do) and casually noticed a mention I received from @TurnOnSocial. I didn’t know TurnOnSocial but they had very kindly recommended my handmade scrapbook albums to Kelly at VintageFancies who was after a beautiful handmade scrapbook album for a friend’s 30th birthday.

Without hesitation, I contacted Kelly at Vintage Fancies (and thanked TurnOnSocial for the referral) – my handcrafted scrapbook albums were literally hot off the press last week and hadn’t even hit my store. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity; and anyway, it was a good way to gauge whether the new albums would be of interest to folks and what kind of response they would get.

After a brief discussion with Kelly at Vintage Fancies, I set about creating a bespoke album for her. This was the result …

I love this beautiful post-bound album and am so pleased with how it turned out. It is 12.5″ x 13.5 ” and takes 12″ x 12″ wallet inserts or paper pages; I double boarded it for added stability and bound it with 3 hidden metal posts. Purple and gold art deco style handmade paper coat the exterior with a purple and silver mirror trim ribbon and a single large faux gem to the front. The interior is lined with purple handmade paper with a single pocket to the front and 2 tags with 10 internal wallets giving 20 workable sides on which to craft or journal.

This album is now available to buy in our shop.

As I had a bit of spare paper left over from the cover, I crafted this pocket notebook / photo holder as a gift for Kelly for being my first album customer.

I packed both of them off to Kelly and waited to see how they would be received. I was not disappointed, Kelly kindly tweeted

“Oh my goodness oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” on her feed when she received it, followed by

“I have just received the most beautiful Scrapbook from the lovely @scrapbookeruk absolutely gorgeous! if you are not following you should be”.

This made my day! It also proves that it not only pays to BE on Twitter but to also read your feed regularly!

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