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On the move …

It is fair to say it has been a long 2-3 years. I became a grandmother and our daughter and grandson came to live with us for the first year, I moved from my studio at The Custard factory to take care of both of them and last year, sadly, I lost my dear Dad. It has been a roller coaster of a journey.

As the dust started to settle back down and my creative thoughts returned, I began to think about the direction I was going in and whether it was, indeed, the right way. After much soul searching I came to the conclusion that I loved what I did far too much to consider doing anything else.

Sauntering home one afternoon, after the school run, I noticed a local shop on the High St in Langley had become vacant. Langley is a traditional Victorian village about a mile from Oldbury town centre in the West Midlands. A pretty row of traditional shop fronts, a beautiful park, local theatre and a wealth of history – it is a hidden gem in our area.

After a few enquiries, we viewed the property and the seed was sewn for our new venture. I say our, as my nephew Tyla will be joining me on this new adventure. We will be showcasing renovated and repurposed furniture, linens and retro fabrics, vintage pieces, gifts and all my design services. A unique blend, I’m sure you’ll agree but one I am confident will work and the local people of Langley and Oldbury will love.

It doesn’t look much now but, as you can see from the graphics, we are hoping to transform the building into something a little more becoming.

 shop front  before renovation

shop front before renovation

Mooch shop signage after renovation

If all goes to plan, we’ll be in by 7th September. If you’re in the area, come check us out~:

1 Langley High St
B69 4NS


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The joys of Pinterest

I finally pulled my finger out a few months ago and applied for a Pinterest account; I didn’t really understand what it was all about but had been reliably informed that it was ‘the thing’ to do. So I did it.

After being accepted, I came to my home page and stopped. What on earth was I going to ‘pin’ about? I mean I’ve always kept directories and files of ideas, references, resources and inspiration (these are quite significant in size) but the thought of transferring all that loveliness onto Pinterest was a tad daunting. So I left it alone.

Then a few weeks ago, faced with the reality of moving my business from my home to a new High Street outlet in Harborne, Birmingham, and being put in charge of the shop signage, I finally had a reason to create my first ‘pin board’ …

and so my Traditional Shop Fronts Pin Board was born.

Boy did it make researching shop frontages a joy. So easy just to find a great little image you like and ‘pin it’ straight to the board and such a fab way to display and search through too.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I was hooked.

Every morning now over a cup of tea I browse the internet for items I love or need to research for a project and take great joy in adding them to my pin boards. It started with Gorgeous Gowns I drooled over at the Oscars, like this fab little number Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing…

progressed to my ever present love of paperart including these amazing papercut and dyed fruits notepads – Kudamemo designed by Masashi Tentaku

and Danish chairs like this curvy high back lounge chair by Peter Hvidt & Orla Molgaard Nielsen (not too dissimilar to the one we’ve renovated at Cherry Tree Interiors)

and finally, this morning I created a ‘Beautiful homes’ board. A place where I can visit and drool endlessly over stunning mid century modern homes whenever the mood takes me.

Raised ‘Soho House’ in the Catalonian countryside, Spain. Designed by Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects (Chile)


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