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Learning to love low light

A visit to the Rezzed convention last year presented me with the most dreaded of photography environments – low light (or in this case, NO light!)

Panic aside, knowing your camera and what it’s capable of can produce some pretty awesome atmospheric shots that capture the mood of the scene.¬†And no, you can’t use the flash, it will bleach any colour and atmosphere clean out of your shot and leave really heavy shadows.

Flash is a NO-NO!

Bump up the ISO, keep your shutter speed around 1/160 (as with all photography – test shots and practice will indicate the best setting for the environment), drop the F stop to as low as you can taking into account you will have a lot of depth of field and therefore need much more control over the focal point, cradle the camera and lens and shoot away.

Low light photography at Rezzed by The Scrapbooker

Video gamers deep in concentration and play mode, captured.

Canon EOS 40D | Canon 1.6 50mm Prime lens | ISO 1600 | F1.6 | 1/160

Job done!

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