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Cool pregnancy photoshoot … oh and becoming a Grandma!

It has been a long time since my last post (I now sound like I should be in the confession box!) but it has been a very busy summer.

You see, I became a Grandmother; and whilst my daughter is living with us, we are all experiencing the sounds and smells of a newborn baby. It is wonderful, I have to say – exhausting but wonderful.

During the summer period I had the opportunity to dust off my camera, fire the old girl up and flex my photographic skills again. My daughter was a very willing subject, bump and all, and we got to take some fantastic shots of her with just 3 weeks to go.

You have to bear in mind looking at these, that she was very much game for a laugh and was absolutely glowing at the time.

Lucky girl.

Cool pregnancy photos by The Scrapbooker - booties 2

My favourite photo …

Cool pregnancy photos by The Scrapbooker - Yoga

Cool pregnancy photos by The Scrapbooker - resting


My youngest daughter gets to grips with her sister’s ever increasing belly …



Cool pregnancy photos by The Scrapbooker - belly


Hamming it up …

Cool pregnancy photos by The Scrapbooker - ccensored


So cute …

Cool pregnancy photos by The Scrapbooker - sweet child


Perfect opportunity for a sibling photo

Cool pregnancy photos by The Scrapbooker - sisters


Not my favourite but love her mad sense of humour…

Cool pregnancy photos by The Scrapbooker - attitude

If you’d like to view the full collection, they can be found on my Flickr page, enjoy!

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Handcrafted scrapbook albums go down a storm

You can’t imagine the thrill I get when an enquiry comes in, especially for a handcrafted scrapbook album. Thoughts of immersing myself in a large project of this kind, designing each page individually to suit the contribution and photographs and using my newly acquired stash of decorative papers, pretty embellishments, papers and trimmings excites me no end.

Back in March of this year, I received an enquiry from a lovely lady in Switzerland who wanted to gift an album to her amazing Mum in the US on her 70th birthday. In June, the contributions started to come in and work began on the designs – over 45 of them! I was in my element ….

I had received some beautiful cards, letters, memories and memorabilia – all of which aided the design process – the recipient was also a very keen, accomplished gardener and baker so the use of flowers, floral papers and baking related embellishments all added up to a collection of very delicate, pretty pages. It was a joy to craft.

After a couple of weeks, the pages were completed, carefully placed into the albums, packaged up and packed off to America.  A week later, I received these lovely emails:

“I wanted to let you know the scrapbooks arrived today. They are INCREDIBLE. You truly have a talent. The detail and creativity are so evident. I can’t wait for Nancy and James to see the books and most importantly to give them to our Mom this weekend for her birthday. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!”
“My brother Mike just sent a few snapshots of the albums that you created for our mom – Wow! The pages are incredibly creative and absolutely beautiful. Our mom will be thrilled!”

and a lovely testimonial from my client in Switzerland.

I was thrilled!

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