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Retirement album for Headmistress

I was approached this Summer by a lovely school who wanted to dedicate an album to a wonderful head teacher who as retiring at the end of the year.

It was an amazing album to work on – collated into years, it contained artwork and letters  from every child at the school, memories on post cards from parents, teachers and staff and diary entries from the previous Headmasters describing the career of the now retiring Head.

The opening page

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

The school provided graphics and photos from around the school, art cards found in the Head’s office and key words that represented the ethos of the school. All were incorporated in to the album.

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

There was so much material, I simply couldn’t fit it all on the pages so I crafted white folded inserts to slip into the album, these folded out and housed every piece of artwork.

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

The school were very keen to make the album as personal as possible so I crafted two bespoke albums to house the pages and the additional material. The theme was one of the sea and relaxation. I crafted a bespoke box to the back and printed both the cover and the lining of the albums.

Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker

The Headmistress was delighted with the album

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

and the school sent me a lovely testimonial


You can find further samples of my work in the gallery.

If you are interested in commissioning a scrapbook album for someone’s retirement, wedding, birthday or special occasion, Email Me , I would love to hear from you.

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Adventure album for the trip of a lifetime

A wonderful bespoke travel company, Brown & Hudson, commissioned me to design and craft albums for a client travelling to Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands for a trip of a lifetime.

The brief was very detailed – 3 albums with similar artwork but personalised to each individual, were to contain pages for a diary and events on a daily basis in phases of the trip, pages to record the different species seen, pages for photos and notes and species reference pages so the children could identify each species they saw on their trip.

It was a complex brief but I was happy to oblige.

The front artwork took the form of one of my canvas covered albums, the interior was lined with hard wearing black book cloth. The design reflected the trip and included elements personal to each family member.

Canvas travel album 1 at The Scrapbooker


The rear artwork continued the theme from the front, shown here with Brown and Hudson’s logo…


Canvas travel album 8 at The Scrapbooker

The internal pages were pre-printed with details of each phase of the trip.

Canvas travel album 4 at The Scrapbooker


There was lots of  space to keep a diary and notes about the highlights of each day.

Canvas travel album 5 at The Scrapbooker


Printed species sheets for each of the 4 phases are laminated to protect the printed pages from being affected by the humidity – a small but serious detail to consider.


Canvas travel album 6 at The Scrapbooker


An index at the back to aid easy reference when reviewing the album.


Canvas travel album 7 at The Scrapbooker


… and somewhere to store the photos.

Canvas travel album 11 at The Scrapbooker


These really were amazing albums to work on and brought together many elements from different aspects of my work – a real self indulgence you could say!

Brown and Hudson were delighted with the albums too, which was a huge bonus!

Brown & Hudson testimonial at The Scrapbooker

If these albums are just what you have been looking for, Email Me to discuss your requirements, I’d love to hear from you!

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Bespoke WordArt for Cherry Tree Interiors

We are now entering our 3rd month at Cherry Tree Interiors on Harborne High Street; one thing is clear is that people are still finding us, whether they be local or not. Harborne Carnival helped on Sunday 8th July and with over 60,000 visitors, it should do too!

Our glamorous assistant on the door (my 7 year old) insisted on helping the older girls hand out leaflets outside the front door. The shop has never been so busy.

Talking with the girls (Max and Nicky) over the last couple of weeks, the biggest issue we have is that people simply don’t know what we do; there are so many sections to our business we can’t always advertise the products in the small shop window.

I had a little bit of time on my hands on Saturday and feeling inspired by a wordart I was working on, produced this for the smaller shop window.

I think that says it all, don’t you?

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Group Gifting @ The Scrapbooker

Group Gifting is a new way to buy larger, more expensive gifts for family, friends and colleagues that would otherwise be out of reach to anyone looking to buy them on their own. Group gifting allows friends and family to contribute to gifts and also eliminates the dilemma of choosing a gift for someone who has everything.

“It’s the thought that counts, but it’s the gift they’ll remember.”

We’ve all struggled over what to get Mum and Dad for their Wedding Anniversary, a friend at work on their retirement, a couple on their wedding day or a daughter on her coming of age. Buying something on our own that is special, personalised, meaningful and within budget is incredibly difficult. Our bespoke scrapbook albums and personalised PhotoArt pieces are the perfect gifts but can be costly for an individual to buy on their own. Group Gifting allows family and friends to come together and contribute to the cost of the album or PhotoArt as a group, each enjoying the benefits of giving a meaningful gift without fronting the entire cost.

Our bespoke scrapbook albums make perfect gifts for anyone retiring. Rather than the usual whip-round for that ubiquitous engraved tankard or clock, why not Group Gift a beautiful scrapbook album or photo book of photographs, accomplishments and memories instead. We created a beautiful digital scrapbook for Sir Al Aynsley Green on his retirement as England’s First Commissioner. It is filled with photographs, testimonials and memories. 11Million, who commissioned the album, were delighted.

Our digital Scrapbook albums offer a modern, clean alternative to the traditional scrapbook album and are perfect for young, dynamic people like Jake Nicholls. He was gifted a digital coffee table scrapbook to commemorate his career as a Motocross rider from the age of 5 through to adulthood. He carries a copy with him at all times but we made sure that his Mom had a copy too!

Our Group Gifting service will, hopefully, be available in our shop in the New Year but in the meantime, please contact me if you are interested in receiving further information.

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Using your home to promote your business

Whenever a client calls at the house, the first thing they always comment on is the large (and I mean LARGE!) creative canvas hung on the wall in the dining room – it is 36″ x 24″ and is of my darling 5-year-old DD…

Its reason for being there is three-fold. Firstly, I love the canvas (in fact I love it so much it forms the basis of nearly all my advertising postcards and leaflets), secondly, it looks fabulous against the rich red walls, and thirdly, when clients visit me and are waiting for me to make them their tea/coffee, they casually walk around the dining room browsing the quirky paintings, drawings, photos, paper crafts and arty bits and pieces that are on display. The canvas always attracts attention. I have sold more creative canvases this way than any other form of advertising or marketing.

A neighbour was in our home for a BBQ last year and fell in love with it too; she booked a photo shoot with her 2 gorgeous kids, ordered an album, several prints, a framed montage, and this week, on the back-end of that initial enquiry, a creative canvas – this one is 30″ x 20″. Simply gorgeous.

Opening your home up to clients can be tricky, you always have to have it looking clean and tidy and smelling sweet for a start! (I was up at 6.30 this morning doing just that as I had a client meeting me at the house straight after the school run). But it also has huge advantages; being able to work around my kids’ timetables and my husband’s job, being able to dash upstairs to grab a client’s file and discuss their requirements whilst stirring a risotto also has its merits. More significantly, it allows me to adorn my home with my unique personalised pieces, whether it be photos, canvases, paper, photo and word art montages, paper crafts, hand-made books and ornaments – even knitted handbags (yes, I have been known to don a pair of knitting needles). It also allows my clients to view items ‘in situ’, not in some cold, white-walled, impersonal studio. Framed photos and prints line my walls, stairways and hall, canvases sit on shelves and are hung from walls, albums, WordArt, PaperArt and PhotoArt pieces are casually placed around the house along with handmade books and arty pieces. All are used and looked at and ‘lived in’ within my home – this, in my opinion, is why I get the response I do from clients.

To prove a point, my client (from the school run this morning), booked a photo shoot, placed an order for a 36″ x 24″ creative canvas and asked whether I would be interested in running a craft afternoon for her daughter’s forthcoming birthday bash – all this, before I had even passed her her coffee.

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PaperArt – Part 2

I have been a huge fan of the likes of Jen Stark and Yulia Brodskaya for as long as I can remember – the things they do with paper makes my heart race, such is the skill involved. I was revisiting Jen Stark’s site last week and this gorgeous piece of paperart caught my eye.

As did this piece …

Now, I can’t even begin to do the maths for these pieces of art but I did have a go at something a little easier at the weekend (with the help of my Cricut Machine of course!) Here are the results… a new PaperArt design!

I’m still a LONG way off the complexity of Jen’s work but it was fun to do and gave me a perfect excuse to use up a lot of old cardstock; it was also surprisingly easy (once I had figured out HOW to do it) and, more importantly has wowed by kids. Sorry, but you just can’t beat that!

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Newborn WordArt

Being creative does have huge advantages when it comes to giving unique personalised gifts to friends and family; it also allows me to ‘play’ for the afternoon in the studio. A friend’s new arrival gave me the perfect opportunity to expand on the WordArt I had played around with before Christmas, and, rather than keeping to a monochromatic colour scheme, I played around with the colours a lot more and added a pretty embroidered pink pram – I’m really chuffed with the result!

Here’s hoping Mum & Dad love it too!

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Romantic PaperArt

There are a ton of mind-numbingly uninteresting jobs I have to do this week, so before I even began to look through the dreaded task list, I thought I’d get some crafting in –  feed the soul so to speak. Inspired by great movie one-liners and some pretty awesome lyrics by Mr Kravitz himself, I created these 2 pieces of romantic PaperArt this morning. I now wait with bated breath to see if the We Are Birmingham shop is interested in stocking them for Valentine’s Day ….

Thinking about it, they’d make great personalised gifts … fingers crossed!

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Creative WordArt

Every year in September, after the kids have gone back to school, I start to give some serious thought to what kind of hand-made Christmas gifts I will be offering to friends and family – I’ve done the greeting cards packs, knitted scarves, little hand-made bags and iPod pouches, and the ubiquitous scrapbook pages and albums. Last year I wanted to create something far more personal – a unique personalised gift so to speak.

I had seen this wonderful piece of WordArt on Etsy (would credit it but have since been unable to relocate it!) some months beforehand on one of my routine hops around art and crafts websites and blogs; it really sparked my imagination and was very much in keeping with the ethos I apply to my scrapbooks – very personal and very unique.

It really got my creative juices flowing, especially as it involved one of my oldest passions – typography! It would make such a fabulous gift but would involve much participation from other relations of my friends (and my family!)

I sent out emails to them requesting a whole host of information on the intended ‘victims’. Some didn’t reply – a big ask, I know, especially coming up to Christmas, and anyways, asking people to think deeply about the personalities of their loved ones is surprisingly difficult; BUT a couple did reply, much to my excitement. A few hours of sifting through the information sent and a few more hours playing around in Photoshop, and VOILA! Wonderful little pieces of WordArt.

This one was for a friend of mine – her daughters provided me with all the information, for which I was extremely grateful! I did a double act here and asked Sharon for info on her 2 daughters, they too received pieces like this!

and these were for my nephews – my sister very kindly racked her brains and came up with all the words and the phrases – I especially love the ‘but…but…but…but…but’ reference as this captures a time in his life when he was very argumentative!

These are items that I am giving serious thought to adding to my stock designs. I enjoyed doing them and they make wonderful gifts!

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Jake Nicholls – Motocross Superstar!

It was a real honor to be asked by Jake Nicholls’s mum, Julie, to design a bespoke digital scrapbook album heralding Jake’s career and rise to fame in the Motorcross world. It also gave me the opportunity to design something unique and against the grain for scrapbooking – grungy, edgy and FULL of photos and newspaper cuttings; no single photo layouts here, I can tell you! The result (a glossy coffee table book) was pretty special and I often flick through the copy with great pride. I’ve posted the front cover but figured you guys would probably want to see the whole book too, so here it is – enjoy!

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