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Retirement album for Headmistress

I was approached this Summer by a lovely school who wanted to dedicate an album to a wonderful head teacher who as retiring at the end of the year.

It was an amazing album to work on – collated into years, it contained artwork and letters  from every child at the school, memories on post cards from parents, teachers and staff and diary entries from the previous Headmasters describing the career of the now retiring Head.

The opening page

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

The school provided graphics and photos from around the school, art cards found in the Head’s office and key words that represented the ethos of the school. All were incorporated in to the album.

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

There was so much material, I simply couldn’t fit it all on the pages so I crafted white folded inserts to slip into the album, these folded out and housed every piece of artwork.

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

The school were very keen to make the album as personal as possible so I crafted two bespoke albums to house the pages and the additional material. The theme was one of the sea and relaxation. I crafted a bespoke box to the back and printed both the cover and the lining of the albums.

Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker

The Headmistress was delighted with the album

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

and the school sent me a lovely testimonial


You can find further samples of my work in the gallery.

If you are interested in commissioning a scrapbook album for someone’s retirement, wedding, birthday or special occasion, Email Me , I would love to hear from you.

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Storing stash – paper packs

It is a well known fact that crafters are hoarders. We just can’t help ourselves. When presented with brand new goodies, we have to have it, and, knowing the industry, sometimes this is wise. How many times have I gone to buy a paper pack again only to find it discontinued?!

And so, our collecting begin. It starts with a box of bits and pieces and soon evolves into drawers, then cabinets, then rooms FULL of the stuff. I am no exception here, and as I scrap for a living, I have a lot of themes I may have to cover and that means LOTS of paper packs.

So, how to store them so that they are viewed and accessed easily? I have tried many methods but as my stash has grown, my organisation has undertaken some changes.

The easiest and simplest way that I have found is stacking them on shelves, in alphabetical order, with the pack name simply written on lengths of masking tape or labels. I’m not too neat about it, as you can see – there are better things to do with my time than lining the names up in a row and using the same pen and colour. (I was seriously OCD in a former life!)

Storing paper at The Scrapbooker

This makes it super fast for me to review and pull out papers when I need them. It also makes it very easy to accommodate more paper packs as my stash expands (which it has and will.)

Storing paper at The Scrapbooker 3

Some of the thinner packs (Carina Gardiner, Kaisercraft and such like) don’t have very thick edges for the tape so I repack them in plastic print wallets and stick the label on the edge of that.

Now – what to do with off cuts? I mean, we don’t always use an entire sheet.

Enter the super large, heavy duty ring binder albums from Pioneer. Gotta love ‘em!

Storing paper at The Scrapbooker 2

I use these albums and cheap album refills to stash my off cuts. use the same alphabetical system and it works like a dream, as long as I can remember to check my off cuts before I cut into full sheets.

Pioneer albums at The Scrapbooker

The albums have large rings to hold loads of inserts and are heavy duty (much needed!)

Pioneer albums at The Scrapbooker 2

It’s so easy to slot the off cuts into an album insert, slap a label on the front and file it away in the album – you simply buy more albums and inserts as your stash grows. It’s relatively cheap too if you compare it to buying drawers, cabinets or heavy duty boxes.

Quick, efficient and economical – just what you need when you are a busy crafter!

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New handcrafted albums hit the shelves

Well, we’ve finally settled in. It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Cherry Tree Interiors but the response has been absolutely phenomenal. Lots of lovely people have already come in for a nose and a browse and made all the right ‘ooh’,  ‘ahh’ and ‘wow’ sounds. We have been quite overwhelmed by it all!

Amidst all the excitement and running around, business has resumed as normal and I have been busy crafting some new albums. One was commissioned by a lovely grandfather who wanted to gift an album to his 7 year old grand-daughter to fill with her stories, drawings and memories – such an amazing idea!

I loved the pretty purple paper with the angels on it, so befitting a 7 year old!

The other album I crafted was for stock for the shop. I had acquired this gorgeous green indian handmade paper some time ago and have been itching to craft something with it. The metal plaques are hardware that we removed from a regency cabinet. A good clean and a polish and I have some fab unusual plates to play with. How fab!

This gorgeous album was so popular we sold out within weeks,  so sorry! Check back though as we are always updating our stock and designs.

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Feeling inspired by Yulia Brodskaya: papergraphics

“Feeling inspired by Yulia Brodskaya’  has been on my FB profile page as my ‘source of inspiration’ for longer than I can remember. From the minute I first discovered her work in Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut (Black Dog publishing) along with other great paper artists like Noriko Ambe

Kako Ueda

and Georgia Russell

I have been mesmerised by her work.

Yulia Brodskaya  is an artist and illustrator known for her handcrafted highly detailed and elegant paper illustrations.

She was born in Moscow in 1983 where she produced decorative fine art whilst studying  – she also developed interests in diverse creative practices such as origami and collage and textile painting along with the more traditional fine art practices. She moved to London in 1994 and continued her education, whilst working as a freelance graphic designer,  graduating with an MA in Graphic Communication at the University of Hertfordshire in 2006.

She soon switched to illustration – her graphic design background influencing her art work as most of her pieces have a strong typographic focus:

“Typography is my second love, after paper and I’m really happy that I’ve found a way of combining the two. Having said that, I don’t want to exclude non-typobased designs, I’d like to work on different projects.”

Much of Brodskaya’s work uses the old techniques of paper folding and the 18th Century art form paper quilling in which ribbons of paper are curled and twilled to create intricate designs. Since initially being approached by Orange, who selected a few of her pieces for an advertising campaign, her reputation as an international illustrator has soared – the list of companies that have since commissioned her work is extensive and includes Hermes, Nokia, Cadbury, Cafe Rouge, Penguin Press and The Sunday Times. She has also designed one of the Google Chrome themes …

She was elected a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers in 2006 in recognition of her typographic achievement. She was also was named the ‘breakthrough star’ of the 2009 by Creative review magazine (Dec 2009).

For me though, it is her use of paper and colour that makes her stand out. I have seen paper quilling before but nothing as intricate or as beautiful as this. I love the way she uses the colour and the shadows created by the paper quills to add depth to her work. This recent piece caught my eye on her website, and illustrates my point ….

the folds and bends only seek to add to the movement in the piece. It is intricate, delicate and utterly mesmerising.

I  could stare at it for hours.

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Handcrafted scrapbook albums and photo books – here at last!

After what seems like weeks hibernating in the studio, surrounded by mountains of paper, ribbons and board, we finally have our first collection of handcrafted scrapbook albums, concertina albums and tri-fold notebook and photo holders.

Love You Teddy concertina album2

It’ s been a wonderful few weeks designing, crafting and building our new range – such a welcome change from the hum-drum of business management, web design and so forth and we’re so pleased with the results. Oh-so-pretty handcrafted scrapbook albums in the most gorgeous handmade japanese papers like this …


and handcrafted tri-fold photo notebooks like this gorgeous one using Tilda’s Winter Bird Paper Collection….

and all tied up with the oriental and aviation versions …

or this sweet tri-fold photo holder using the same Winter Bird paper collection from Tilda (oh I could use this paper pack all day long, it’s so beautiful!)

Gorgeous little hand-held items that are a joy to hold – beautiful papers, lovingly crafted and available to buy in our shop at the end of this week, in the meantime if you want to see more of our little creations, hope on over to the gallery

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Ballerina PhotoArt

Last year, a good friend commissioned me to photograph her very talented daughter in various ballet poses as part of her application to the Royal Ballet School in London. During the shoot, I took full advantage of the time, and of a very beautiful, elegant young lady, and took some rather wonderful portraits of her as well – much to her Mum’s delight.

To add to her delight further, I created this gorgeous PhotoArt piece using the photos – a little visual reminder of her daughter who is now, happily boarding at the Royal Ballet School but who is, sadly, missed very much by her mum.

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Yulia’s gone and done it again …

Just when I thought I had seen the ultimate in quilling from Yulia Brodskaya (and boy, is there ever much to choose from), a casual visit to her website late one evening, rewarded me with this stunning new piece.

(Image: Yulia Brodskaya)

Babushka is a departure from her earlier work and style, and shows us an artist who is not only comfortable with the medium and the technicalities of quilling but an artist who is evolving and changing the shape and perception of this 18th Century art form. Long gone are the French and Italian nuns quilling book covers and religious items and the European ‘ladies of leisure’ quilling tea caddies, work baskets and jewelry boxes – this is 21st Century quilling with attitude and a serious WOW factor!

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Kuler- simply rock and roll!

There are a few things that rock my design world on a regular basis: paper – preferably patterned, textured and heavyweight, seriously talented paper artists like Jen Stark and Yulia Brodskaya, letterpress projects, retro wallpaper designs (you should see my studio and my dining room!), typography and of course, Kuler.

For those of you not in the know, Kuler is an internet application from Adobe Systems that lets people try out, create and save various color schemes. If you’re creating websites, digital scrapbooking supplies, interior designs, fabric patterns, or any other visual, you can experiment with color variations and browse the thousands of wonderfully named themes from the Kuler community; names such as Tears of a Clownfish, Enchanted Getaway and Bubble Coconut. Not only do they sound wonderful, they are a veritable feast for the eyes – how can this not make you smile?!

It is an invaluable resource for me and can spark my imagination in an instant. If I’m having trouble building a scheme around an old photo, I simply select colours from my photo, make a note of the RGB, CMYK or Hex number, go to Kuler, key in the codes or numbers and it builds schemes for me or suggests pre-designed schemes from the community. If I’m struggling to design a digital scrapbooking paperpack, I can jump to Kuler, select a scheme from the community and build my product around those colours.

My Banyan Tree paper pack for digital scrapbookers is designed around a colour scheme I fell in love with whilst browsing the community on Kuler. It remains one of my favorite colour schemes –  not only forming the basis of my paperpack but also the colour scheme in my bathroom…

Seriously rock ‘n’ roll!

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Using your home to promote your business

Whenever a client calls at the house, the first thing they always comment on is the large (and I mean LARGE!) creative canvas hung on the wall in the dining room – it is 36″ x 24″ and is of my darling 5-year-old DD…

Its reason for being there is three-fold. Firstly, I love the canvas (in fact I love it so much it forms the basis of nearly all my advertising postcards and leaflets), secondly, it looks fabulous against the rich red walls, and thirdly, when clients visit me and are waiting for me to make them their tea/coffee, they casually walk around the dining room browsing the quirky paintings, drawings, photos, paper crafts and arty bits and pieces that are on display. The canvas always attracts attention. I have sold more creative canvases this way than any other form of advertising or marketing.

A neighbour was in our home for a BBQ last year and fell in love with it too; she booked a photo shoot with her 2 gorgeous kids, ordered an album, several prints, a framed montage, and this week, on the back-end of that initial enquiry, a creative canvas – this one is 30″ x 20″. Simply gorgeous.

Opening your home up to clients can be tricky, you always have to have it looking clean and tidy and smelling sweet for a start! (I was up at 6.30 this morning doing just that as I had a client meeting me at the house straight after the school run). But it also has huge advantages; being able to work around my kids’ timetables and my husband’s job, being able to dash upstairs to grab a client’s file and discuss their requirements whilst stirring a risotto also has its merits. More significantly, it allows me to adorn my home with my unique personalised pieces, whether it be photos, canvases, paper, photo and word art montages, paper crafts, hand-made books and ornaments – even knitted handbags (yes, I have been known to don a pair of knitting needles). It also allows my clients to view items ‘in situ’, not in some cold, white-walled, impersonal studio. Framed photos and prints line my walls, stairways and hall, canvases sit on shelves and are hung from walls, albums, WordArt, PaperArt and PhotoArt pieces are casually placed around the house along with handmade books and arty pieces. All are used and looked at and ‘lived in’ within my home – this, in my opinion, is why I get the response I do from clients.

To prove a point, my client (from the school run this morning), booked a photo shoot, placed an order for a 36″ x 24″ creative canvas and asked whether I would be interested in running a craft afternoon for her daughter’s forthcoming birthday bash – all this, before I had even passed her her coffee.

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PaperArt – Part 2

I have been a huge fan of the likes of Jen Stark and Yulia Brodskaya for as long as I can remember – the things they do with paper makes my heart race, such is the skill involved. I was revisiting Jen Stark’s site last week and this gorgeous piece of paperart caught my eye.

As did this piece …

Now, I can’t even begin to do the maths for these pieces of art but I did have a go at something a little easier at the weekend (with the help of my Cricut Machine of course!) Here are the results… a new PaperArt design!

I’m still a LONG way off the complexity of Jen’s work but it was fun to do and gave me a perfect excuse to use up a lot of old cardstock; it was also surprisingly easy (once I had figured out HOW to do it) and, more importantly has wowed by kids. Sorry, but you just can’t beat that!

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