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Retirement album for Headmistress

I was approached this Summer by a lovely school who wanted to dedicate an album to a wonderful head teacher who as retiring at the end of the year.

It was an amazing album to work on – collated into years, it contained artwork and letters  from every child at the school, memories on post cards from parents, teachers and staff and diary entries from the previous Headmasters describing the career of the now retiring Head.

The opening page

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

The school provided graphics and photos from around the school, art cards found in the Head’s office and key words that represented the ethos of the school. All were incorporated in to the album.

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

There was so much material, I simply couldn’t fit it all on the pages so I crafted white folded inserts to slip into the album, these folded out and housed every piece of artwork.

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

The school were very keen to make the album as personal as possible so I crafted two bespoke albums to house the pages and the additional material. The theme was one of the sea and relaxation. I crafted a bespoke box to the back and printed both the cover and the lining of the albums.

Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker Bespoke personalised scrapbook album by The Scrapbooker

The Headmistress was delighted with the album

Retirement scrapbook album at the Scrapbooker

and the school sent me a lovely testimonial


You can find further samples of my work in the gallery.

If you are interested in commissioning a scrapbook album for someone’s retirement, wedding, birthday or special occasion, Email Me , I would love to hear from you.

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New Art Deco photographic album

It has been such a surprise to me to see how popular my new photographic albums have become. Orders have been steadily coming in and I have been given the opportunity to play around with new sizes, new styles and finishes – it’s been so exciting.

An order came in last week from a lovely client in Surrey who wanted to gift her father a handcrafted photographic album for Christmas. My choice of papers is expanding so it was great to offer this beautiful black and silver handmade Indian cotton paper.

Vivid wrap

My client was happy for me to come up with a design for the album which is always lovely . The only requests were for ribbon and an album plate to the front cover. I set to work.

The album contained black photographic deckle-edged leaves and cloud glassine paper sheets as with previous albums. It suited the Art Deco style perfectly.

The album was finished with a thick black grosgrain ribbon and crafted bow secured with a large black brad, a simple but decorative finish – perfect for a gentleman.  The simple addition of a tag and black elasticated ribbon to the spine finished it off.

I was delighted with the result. As soon as I finish one of these albums, I want to start another straight away – the finished product pleases me no end.

Rockefeller album redd

If you fancy owning (or gifting) an album like this, customised or personalised to your own requirements, hop along to my shop. In the meantime, have a look at what my client had to say about the album when she received it.

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Christmas stocking party invites

Handcrafting invitations, as I mentioned in a post last month, is not a service I openly advertise. Over the years some of my regular customers have gotten wind of it and occasionally I get requests.

Rosemarie, a regular client of mine from Henley in Arden, is one such client. I have created a variety of projects for her over the years, including invitations; she trusts me to meet her needs without having to be particularly specific about she what she wants – a designer’s dream!

A call came in from her last week to create invitations for a Christmas supper she was hosting at her home. No design specifics, just a rough guide to the wording – perfect!

I rattled around a few ideas and finally decided on a handcrafted christmas stocking with a pull out tag.

I already had a .svg file for the stocking and used Sure Cuts a Lot and my cricut machine to die cut the stocking shape from one of my favorite  paper packs – Tilda ‘Wintergarden’ (now available to buy in my online store). I used trim I had in the shop (please contact me if you are interested in purchasing the trims used) to trim the edge of the stocking and glittered the scallop edge in a variety of colours to compliment the papers used.

To create the tag inside the stocking I used Photoshop Elements and printed double-sided, allowing for a pretty Christmas design on the front AND the back. I finally finished them off with a complimentary looped ribbon.

I was really chuffed with how they turned out – delicate and so pretty!

I wait to hear what Rosemarie thinks as they are now in the post to her … will keep you posted!

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Handcrafted photographic albums hit the store!

Since I first introduced my handcrafted scrapbooking albums a few months ago, it occurred to me that there may be a small market for bespoke handcrafted photographic albums. At the time, there was no way I was going to even attempt to design a framework or get my head around the process (and the maths!) required to craft something like this – after all, it had taken me weeks of trail and error (and a box of half finished albums) before I got the scrapbooks just right. No, I would shelve the idea and concentrate on new designs for my scrapbook albums, like this gorgeous ‘Weekend in Paris’ album.

Then a couple of weeks ago, the inevitable happened: an enquiry from a lovely lady wanting VERY large bespoke photographic albums to fill with memories of her Mum. How could I refuse?!

I sat down and worked on the dimensions and considered the materials I would need – a very heavy frame for a start as these were to house traditional black photographic leaves AND glassine sheets.  After a week or so, the design was done, the frame board acquired  and the handmade indian paper ordered that would be the cover…oh and some rather wide black grosgrain ribbon.

I started to craft the album…..






The front and back panels were similar to the scrapbook albums frames but that is where the similarity ends. An additional super-strong spine needed to be crafted to house and carry the weight of the heavy photo leaves and the glassine paper (this album housed 30 leaves and 30 glassine papers).








Securing it all would be tricky. I already had a supplier for my album posts but these simply weren’t large enough OR tough enough: new posts would need to be ordered and, it turned out, manufactured specially for the job.

My client was very specific about the cover – her Mum had been a huge Art Deco fan so the album had to reflect this. A gorgeous olive green paper with burgundy pattern and glittery green diamonds was selected. I had my reservations about the black ribbon but it all worked out so well, especially with it being lined with black paper.

Please with the album, I packed it off to my client and waited to hear what she thought. I was delighted when I received this …

 “Hello Andrea – just to let you know the album arrived
this morning and it is beautiful.
Thank you very much!”

On the back of this little success, I am now offering these lovely albums, with a choice of papers, in my shop. If you are looking for something special and unique, hop on over there and take a look around!

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Handcrafted scrapbook albums go down a storm

You can’t imagine the thrill I get when an enquiry comes in, especially for a handcrafted scrapbook album. Thoughts of immersing myself in a large project of this kind, designing each page individually to suit the contribution and photographs and using my newly acquired stash of decorative papers, pretty embellishments, papers and trimmings excites me no end.

Back in March of this year, I received an enquiry from a lovely lady in Switzerland who wanted to gift an album to her amazing Mum in the US on her 70th birthday. In June, the contributions started to come in and work began on the designs – over 45 of them! I was in my element ….

I had received some beautiful cards, letters, memories and memorabilia – all of which aided the design process – the recipient was also a very keen, accomplished gardener and baker so the use of flowers, floral papers and baking related embellishments all added up to a collection of very delicate, pretty pages. It was a joy to craft.

After a couple of weeks, the pages were completed, carefully placed into the albums, packaged up and packed off to America.  A week later, I received these lovely emails:

“I wanted to let you know the scrapbooks arrived today. They are INCREDIBLE. You truly have a talent. The detail and creativity are so evident. I can’t wait for Nancy and James to see the books and most importantly to give them to our Mom this weekend for her birthday. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!”
“My brother Mike just sent a few snapshots of the albums that you created for our mom – Wow! The pages are incredibly creative and absolutely beautiful. Our mom will be thrilled!”

and a lovely testimonial from my client in Switzerland.

I was thrilled!

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New handcrafted albums hit the shelves

Well, we’ve finally settled in. It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Cherry Tree Interiors but the response has been absolutely phenomenal. Lots of lovely people have already come in for a nose and a browse and made all the right ‘ooh’,  ‘ahh’ and ‘wow’ sounds. We have been quite overwhelmed by it all!

Amidst all the excitement and running around, business has resumed as normal and I have been busy crafting some new albums. One was commissioned by a lovely grandfather who wanted to gift an album to his 7 year old grand-daughter to fill with her stories, drawings and memories – such an amazing idea!

I loved the pretty purple paper with the angels on it, so befitting a 7 year old!

The other album I crafted was for stock for the shop. I had acquired this gorgeous green indian handmade paper some time ago and have been itching to craft something with it. The metal plaques are hardware that we removed from a regency cabinet. A good clean and a polish and I have some fab unusual plates to play with. How fab!

This gorgeous album was so popular we sold out within weeks,  so sorry! Check back though as we are always updating our stock and designs.

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Twitter me …That was quick!

I was sat browsing my Twitter feed one night last week (as you do) and casually noticed a mention I received from @TurnOnSocial. I didn’t know TurnOnSocial but they had very kindly recommended my handmade scrapbook albums to Kelly at VintageFancies who was after a beautiful handmade scrapbook album for a friend’s 30th birthday.

Without hesitation, I contacted Kelly at Vintage Fancies (and thanked TurnOnSocial for the referral) – my handcrafted scrapbook albums were literally hot off the press last week and hadn’t even hit my store. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity; and anyway, it was a good way to gauge whether the new albums would be of interest to folks and what kind of response they would get.

After a brief discussion with Kelly at Vintage Fancies, I set about creating a bespoke album for her. This was the result …

I love this beautiful post-bound album and am so pleased with how it turned out. It is 12.5″ x 13.5 ” and takes 12″ x 12″ wallet inserts or paper pages; I double boarded it for added stability and bound it with 3 hidden metal posts. Purple and gold art deco style handmade paper coat the exterior with a purple and silver mirror trim ribbon and a single large faux gem to the front. The interior is lined with purple handmade paper with a single pocket to the front and 2 tags with 10 internal wallets giving 20 workable sides on which to craft or journal.

This album is now available to buy in our shop.

As I had a bit of spare paper left over from the cover, I crafted this pocket notebook / photo holder as a gift for Kelly for being my first album customer.

I packed both of them off to Kelly and waited to see how they would be received. I was not disappointed, Kelly kindly tweeted

“Oh my goodness oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” on her feed when she received it, followed by

“I have just received the most beautiful Scrapbook from the lovely @scrapbookeruk absolutely gorgeous! if you are not following you should be”.

This made my day! It also proves that it not only pays to BE on Twitter but to also read your feed regularly!

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Handcrafted scrapbook albums and photo books – here at last!

After what seems like weeks hibernating in the studio, surrounded by mountains of paper, ribbons and board, we finally have our first collection of handcrafted scrapbook albums, concertina albums and tri-fold notebook and photo holders.

Love You Teddy concertina album2

It’ s been a wonderful few weeks designing, crafting and building our new range – such a welcome change from the hum-drum of business management, web design and so forth and we’re so pleased with the results. Oh-so-pretty handcrafted scrapbook albums in the most gorgeous handmade japanese papers like this …


and handcrafted tri-fold photo notebooks like this gorgeous one using Tilda’s Winter Bird Paper Collection….

and all tied up with the oriental and aviation versions …

or this sweet tri-fold photo holder using the same Winter Bird paper collection from Tilda (oh I could use this paper pack all day long, it’s so beautiful!)

Gorgeous little hand-held items that are a joy to hold – beautiful papers, lovingly crafted and available to buy in our shop at the end of this week, in the meantime if you want to see more of our little creations, hope on over to the gallery

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