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Storing stash – paper packs

It is a well known fact that crafters are hoarders. We just can’t help ourselves. When presented with brand new goodies, we have to have it, and, knowing the industry, sometimes this is wise. How many times have I gone to buy a paper pack again only to find it discontinued?!

And so, our collecting begin. It starts with a box of bits and pieces and soon evolves into drawers, then cabinets, then rooms FULL of the stuff. I am no exception here, and as I scrap for a living, I have a lot of themes I may have to cover and that means LOTS of paper packs.

So, how to store them so that they are viewed and accessed easily? I have tried many methods but as my stash has grown, my organisation has undertaken some changes.

The easiest and simplest way that I have found is stacking them on shelves, in alphabetical order, with the pack name simply written on lengths of masking tape or labels. I’m not too neat about it, as you can see – there are better things to do with my time than lining the names up in a row and using the same pen and colour. (I was seriously OCD in a former life!)

Storing paper at The Scrapbooker

This makes it super fast for me to review and pull out papers when I need them. It also makes it very easy to accommodate more paper packs as my stash expands (which it has and will.)

Storing paper at The Scrapbooker 3

Some of the thinner packs (Carina Gardiner, Kaisercraft and such like) don’t have very thick edges for the tape so I repack them in plastic print wallets and stick the label on the edge of that.

Now – what to do with off cuts? I mean, we don’t always use an entire sheet.

Enter the super large, heavy duty ring binder albums from Pioneer. Gotta love ‘em!

Storing paper at The Scrapbooker 2

I use these albums and cheap album refills to stash my off cuts. use the same alphabetical system and it works like a dream, as long as I can remember to check my off cuts before I cut into full sheets.

Pioneer albums at The Scrapbooker

The albums have large rings to hold loads of inserts and are heavy duty (much needed!)

Pioneer albums at The Scrapbooker 2

It’s so easy to slot the off cuts into an album insert, slap a label on the front and file it away in the album – you simply buy more albums and inserts as your stash grows. It’s relatively cheap too if you compare it to buying drawers, cabinets or heavy duty boxes.

Quick, efficient and economical – just what you need when you are a busy crafter!

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Time flies… when you’re behind

IMG_9368bWell, we certainly knew Spring was on it’s way this weekend when I awoke on Sunday to blue skies, glorious hazy sunshine and a chorus of birds. It put me in such a fantastic mood I was up and out the house before anyone else had even begun to stir.

My good mood wasn’t to last too long though as after a few minutes driving around it dawned on me that it was the 1st March  – the FIRST OF MARCH! What happened to January and February?
Is it me or does time fly ridiculously fast the older you get?  The first of March already!



You see, March is an odd month, it comes with the usual promise of endless weeks of rain, that awful realisation as you peel off your wintery sweaters that you ate too much during the colder months and for us, the start of the silly season. Yes, I said the ‘silly season’ – it’s when the birthday’s start.
Months of them
weeks of them
after another
after another
after another
until the end of September.
Have I made a single card yet – uh, no! Have I bought a single present yet, uh – another no. Have I even consulted my BBB (birthday book bible) to check who is first? Uh, that’ll be another no. All my good intentions of ‘getting ahead’ and being organised this year have already disappeared and I’m only 9 weeks into the year.  Where does the time go?

This thought ruined my good mood. (Nothing that a large slice of carrot cake and a double latte couldn’t fix though – now, where’s that sweater?)

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