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Explore, Dream, Discover – glittery handmade cards

It’s of no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have a huge collection of scrapbooking paper and paper packs. The scrapbook pages I craft sometimes have very specific themes and I, naturally, have to cater for these eventualities; this also means that I am left with stock of some rather unusual papers that I wouldn’t ordinarily use.

One such pack is the TC Travel paper pack from K&Company

Travel by Tim Coffey at K&CompanyIt has some beautiful papers in it that are seascape themed – seaweed, shells, lighthouses and so on. It’s not a pack I would ordinarily buy but, it is lovely and after I had used it for a client’s album I was left with a few sheets.

Travel by Tim Coffey at K&Company

The one that caught my eye was the front sheet – a collage of sea themed icons set into postage stamps. I really wanted to create something with this unusual paper.

I took out the pieces and started to cut into the postage stamps, the original idea being I would use them as stamps but as I cut them into manageable pieces from which to cut smaller, I noticed how lovely the panels of grouped stamps looked.

I took pre-folded Kraft greetings cards and began to craft some very simple cards.

Handcrafted cards at The Scrapbooker

I’m not one for over complicating things unnecessarily so a touch of glitter in the right places was all that was needed to finish them off.

Handcrafted cards at The Scrapbooker

The idea was to allow the cards to be have the same format so they could be sold as cards for framing as collections not just gifting.

Handcrafted cards by The Scrapbooker

They were a huge success – I crafted almost 40 cards from this paper pack and had to purchase more as demand increased  – a very economic way of using up paper packs!

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Time flies… when you’re behind

IMG_9368bWell, we certainly knew Spring was on it’s way this weekend when I awoke on Sunday to blue skies, glorious hazy sunshine and a chorus of birds. It put me in such a fantastic mood I was up and out the house before anyone else had even begun to stir.

My good mood wasn’t to last too long though as after a few minutes driving around it dawned on me that it was the 1st March  – the FIRST OF MARCH! What happened to January and February?
Is it me or does time fly ridiculously fast the older you get?  The first of March already!



You see, March is an odd month, it comes with the usual promise of endless weeks of rain, that awful realisation as you peel off your wintery sweaters that you ate too much during the colder months and for us, the start of the silly season. Yes, I said the ‘silly season’ – it’s when the birthday’s start.
Months of them
weeks of them
after another
after another
after another
until the end of September.
Have I made a single card yet – uh, no! Have I bought a single present yet, uh – another no. Have I even consulted my BBB (birthday book bible) to check who is first? Uh, that’ll be another no. All my good intentions of ‘getting ahead’ and being organised this year have already disappeared and I’m only 9 weeks into the year.  Where does the time go?

This thought ruined my good mood. (Nothing that a large slice of carrot cake and a double latte couldn’t fix though – now, where’s that sweater?)

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