Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is the newest and fastest growing trend in the scrapbook world.

In principal, it is exactly the same as traditional scrapbooking. Layouts are created using photos, card stock, patterned paper, memorabilia and embellishments – the difference is that they are created using computer software like Photoshop Elements (my weapon of choice!) using digital papers, digital brushes and embellishments and printed rather than crafted. These prints can then be stored in a traditional album or can be uploaded to a photobook supplier for printing into photobooks or coffee table books ( like the one I created for Jake Nicholls).

I offer digital scrapbooking pages and albums as a modern alternative to the traditional layouts. They have a cleaner, more graphic feel to them and allow us greater freedom in terms of design and greater flexibility for our customers in their choice of final product. Pages can be made to look like magazines or can be carefully designed so that the elements on the page resemble traditionally crafted embellishments.

You & Me

For more information on what can be included in our scrapbooks, hop over to my Scrapbooking page or check out my galleries for more samples.