Investing in ‘Value for money’ products

When my mother suggested to me over 3 years ago, that I try Eve Lom cleanser, a cult classic in the beauty industry, I baulked at the price and could feel my heart stop and my husband’s wallet shriek in despair – £80 for 200ml is an awful lot of money to pay for a product that simply cleans your face. Seeing my reaction she ‘gifted’ me a sample pot one Christmas.

I loved it and was instantly hooked. I bought my first pot in Space NK in Stratford-upon-Avon, came home and marked the bottom of the pot with the date in permanent marker. If I was going to continue using and buying this product, I needed to know how much I needed to save and how often. Fifteen months (yes, fifteen months) later it finally ran out; I calculated the cost (because that’s the way I am) and came to a startling discovery – Eve Lom at £80/200ml is exceptional value for money, and here’s why:

Eve Lom cleanser removes eye-make and face make-up eliminating the need for separate eye make up remover (this is your first saving). You only use it in the evening and only need to wipe your face with a warm cloth in the morning, eliminating the need for a morning cleanser (your second saving). Now for the maths:

£80 over 15 months is equal to 456 days or 65 weeks, or thereabouts. £80/456 days is £0.175 pence a day or £1.23 a week.

Now, my daughter is very fond of eg. Simple face wipes at £3.99/25 (generally considered entry-level for cleansers)- these work out at £0.16 pence each and you usually need 2 to do the job. These are already way more expensive than Eve Lom per day (a saving of £67 a year by the way) and I haven’t even got onto the savings compared to cleansers at the higher end of the market.

This is my justification for continuing to buy this product and yes, it is needed. When you are investing in beauty products (a lot of which, let’s be honest, are a complete rip off) you need to check their ‘value for money’ criteria and this cleanser certainly meets mine!

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