February 2010

New projects and arrivals

Another busy few weeks has come and gone; the days just seem to get shorter and shorter and the list of things to do seems to get longer and longer but I’m treading water and starting to see the benefits of all the hard work.

New project work came in last week from 11 Million – a lovely commemorative book for Sir Al Aynsley-Green on his retirement from the Children’s Commissioner post. (Our congratulations to Dr Maggie Atkinson who succeeds him in March of this year.) I felt really honored to be asked to design it and was truly delighted with the result – can’t wait to see it in print.

We’ve sold a few photographic prints through the Cherry Tree – all to the same lady who, upon receiving the last print would call up and order another – so lovely when that happens! Dad has also been working flat-out on photographs from his last trip to the Indian Ocean and we are previewing a couple of these absolutely gorgeous prints here today … Skies over Indian ocean – available to buy from Etsy and Tony Shill Photography in March 2010.

I’ve also sold a copy of my Banyan Tree Digital Mini Kit┬áto a scrap-for-hire lady in the US this evening. As the guys at Tesco are fond of saying – every little helps, so many thanks to Amy – you know who you are and good luck with the new business…..

If this is the trend for the year, then the smile I am wearing at the moment is here to stay – happy, happy days!

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Being had!

I have to say that having someone or some company ‘do’ me out of money, sell me something duff or simply dash with my cash has my blood boiling and comes second on my hate list only to rude and ignorant people.

This little gem of a company Crazy Cameras (yes, here’s a link – order off them, go on, I dare you!) offered to sell me a wonderful little camera I wanted to get my husband for Christmas.

I was delighted with the price (I should have heard the warning bells then…) ordered it and waited … and waited … and waited … and NOTHING. No confirmation email, no reply to the multitude of emails I sent them asking for confirmation. Nada, zip, nothing!

I was gutted. It was then I started to search for reviews on the site and to my horror found hundreds and I mean HUNDREDS! Read them for yourself! Almost all of them negative. I felt sick. I spent the next few days with that awful churning sick feeling at the pit of my stomach and then my blood started to boil. I could think of nothing else. I drafted an email stating that I had heard nothing, I was cancelling my order as the camera would not arrive in time now for Christmas… and then I waited some more. Determined I would become the bane of their lives if I didn’t get my money back… I, unbelievably and to my complete amazement, was refunded.

Lucky? Oh yes! Stupid? Oh yes! Buy again without checking the review forums? OH no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Lesson learnt!

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