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Here is a list of some of my clients and the nice things that they have said about the variety of products and services I provide.

11 Million     Pratham UK     The Hotel Collection    Jones Lang LaSalle 
Forensic Mental Health Services    Cherry Tree Interiors    Julie Nicholls
Billesley Extended Services   Priory School     Priyanka Gill    New Arrivals 
Created in Birmingham    Brown & Hudson     Anthony Raphaely

Anthony Raphaely, London
Scrapbooking service: handcrafted

Scrapbooking testimonial at The Scrapbooker

Matt Dolton, London
Scrapbooking service: handcrafted

Georg Varduli testimonial for The Scrapbooker

Georg Varduli, London
Scrapbooking service: digital

Testimonial - My Travels Album

Jess Melling
Handcrafted Album: My Travels

Scrapbooking classes at The Scrapbooker

Lynn O’Neill, Forensic CAHMS, Birmingham
Scrapbooking Class

Jilly Boden

Jilly Boden, Southampton
Scrapbooking Service: Handcrafted

Canvas covered albums at The Scrapbooker

 Amanda Gardner, London
Bespoke canvas covered scrapbook album

Scrapbooking services at The Scrapbooker

 Natalie Domanski, Rotterdam
Scrapbooking Service: Handcrafted

Christina Braitchouk

 Christine Braitchouk, Middlesex
Bespoke photographic album

Penny McMahon - purple wordart canvas album

Penny McMahon, Surrey
Bespoke canvas covered scrapbook album

Photography at The Scrapbooker

Bob Jarvis, Birmingham

Testimonial digital scrapbooking at The Scrapbooker

 David Oakes, Sussex
Bespoke digital scrapbook album

Adventure Albums for Brown & Hudson by The Scrapbooker

Chris Brunning – Brown & Hudson, London
Bespoke Adventure Albums

Marc Pearce

Marc Pearce, Birmingham
Bespoke WordArt

Tracey Isherwood

Tracey Isherwood, Timperley, Cheshire
Bespoke WordArt

Michelle McKinney

 Michelle McKinney, West Dunbartonshire
Bespoke handcrafted scrapbook album

Handmade scrapbook album testimonial

Megan Maguire, Solihull, England
Bespoke handcrafted scrapbook album

Margaret Binney

Margaret Binney, Somerset
Bespoke handcrafted scrapbook album

 Alexandra Holburt, Oxfordshire
Bespoke handcrafted photographic album

Testimonial on The Scrapbooker from Declan Smith

Declan Smith, Ireland
“Marry Me” Scrapbook Album

Anna Simmons testimonial

 Anna Simmons, Surrey
Bespoke handcrafted photographic album

Laura Woody, Lancashire
Bespoke handcrafted scrapbook album

Nancy Angeloni, Ticino, Switzerland
Bespoke Scrapbook Albums

Mark & James Watchke, Baltimore, USA
Bespoke Scrapbook Albums

Father's day wordart by the scrapbooker

Rimi Obra-Ratwatte, Birmingham, England
Bespoke Father’s Day WordArt

Priyance Rao, Atlanta USA
Bespoke handcrafted scrapbook album

Ruth Lalor, Glasgow
Personalised Wordart

Kieran Rose, County Durham, England
Personalised Wordart

Patricia Campbell, Brookline, Massachusetts USA
Storybook Wedding Album

Julie Nicholls – Ipswich, England
(mum to Jake Nicholls – Motocross Superstar!)
Digital coffee table book 

Anna Emerson – 11 Million
Digital Coffee table book 

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